When we flip back the pages in the history, we see religion, caste playing a lot of influence in the social, economical, intellectual development of humankind.

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity have been the three major religions which are followed by millions in this world.

Many were killed in the name of religion, many were converted from one religion to another?

Many were denied opportunities.

Why is the religion sentiment so important for human beings?

Why cant two religions live with co-existence?

Which  two religions do u feel can never co-exist because of the ideological differences ?

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Different religions of world have evolved over the years. Hinduism being the oldest.

Religions, if we notice carefully have the cultural trends or traditions based on the conditions in place of their origin.

For example, as per Hinduism Dead bodies are burned bur as per Islam the dead bodies are burried. Arabian countries do not have trees, so the bodies were burried.

Why do people fight over religions?

People fight because they think their religion is superior. In India the situations are different, either the religious or political leader spread the hate or people fight on the issue of supporting Pakistan.

As long as the following traditions/rules/beliefs keep prevailing in religion the violance will be continued:

  1. Thinking that person of other religion is devil/satan/kafir.
  2. Convert or Kill, here Islam and chritianity have to be purified. Conversion have been the main reason in India for violance. Arab rulers killed million of Hindus to establish Islam in India. Currently chritian missionaries supported by vetican are converting the poor Hindus in India at large scale. The conversion being operated by chritians can fire the riots any time in India.
  3.  People of some religions try to claim their holy faith in every situation. While talking to friends, business partners etc. every time these people will use the words which may offend other person.
  4. Thinking that religion is above nationality. Some religions (Sikh caste of hindu religion) consider service to nation above the religion. Sikhs have the basic teachings, these teachings are practical in nature. In India majority of the violances between Hindu and Muslims is due to belief among some Hindus that Indian Muslims support Pakistan and not India.

Which religions can not co-exist?

India have large population of people following different religions. comparing the history and current situation in India, i can say that Islam and Chritians can not survive with Hinduism (Hindus do not have any problem with these religions except the CONVERSION (Forcefully or willingly) part.).

Hinduism does not promot conversion of any kind. It is very difficult to become a Hindu, due to complex caste system. But Chritians in India are offending the feeling of Hindus by promoting conversion at large scale.

The Chritian organisation have to understand that if GOD is one, than let people continue worshiping him in form they find facinating.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Prakash mehta

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