Are you Digvijay singh-Disadvantages of being Digvijay Singh

Mr. Digvijay Singh is the person with highest possible intellectual powers on planet earth. He is man behind political moves of Rahul Gandhi, winning of world cup by team India and Developing Gujarat.

Once asked, What are his role in Development of Gujarat?

He explained that when he was chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, he took every step to increase poverty and decrease employment in Mdhya Pradesh. His hard works failed a state which could compete with Gujarat, made Gujarat to develop.

He also quoted that "Not contesting for Gujarat CM post and not ruling the Gujarat also helped Gujarat to develop", he further said people of Gujarat should be thankful for not giving a chance to him.

A member from excited audiance, who came for some fun asked Diggy about future of Rahul Gandhi!!!

A more excited Diggy replied, "Rahul Baba is secured in my hands, he have same future as Mdhya Pradesh had under my rule, you see Madhya Pradesh is now one of the fastest developing state of India. Future of Madhya Pradesh was bright."

An AAP supporter commented, Madhya Pradesh is shining after you left it. Is same thing going to happen to Rahul Gandhi? When you are dropping him from your coaching classes?

Diggy surprised by presence of a fool (he thinks only he has the right to speak shit words which require some brain to understand and he is only certified intellectual from univercity of MM2LN), ordered to throw him out of the confress.

Due to chances of increasing such orders people asked him questions which requires answers he was capable of answering.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Bada Mouth

Title of the satire does not match with the content. But a nice satire post.

I will answer it :)

If your name is Digvijay Singh:

  1. People dont expect any word from your mouth which creats a feeling that you are serious about something.
  2. If you speak philosopicaly and are intelligent, people doubt your name.
  3. Your opinions does not matter.
  4. People think you were striped by RSS.
  5. You have to talk non-sense to prove your name and presence.

List continues, ending point is you have to do all things which are never expected from political leader. You have to be ready with false propaganda, blaming RSS for every problem, praising brainless people, boot-licking, speaking non-sense at business conferences.

Overall you have to prove that man eveolved from moneky after having sex with Donkey.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

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