I have few question relating to ESOP issues.

  1. What are the conditions attached to issue of ESOP's?
  2. What forms need to be submitted once the ESOP agreement is formed?
  3. What are the accounting and other treatments to be cared through out the period of ESOP existance?
  4. Whether ESOP provisions contained in Companies act 2013 are applicable and what are the changes?
  5. Suppose my company have authorized and paid capital of 100,000 and i want to issue ESOP of another 50,000. What are the resolutions, agreements and legal requirements to be fulfilled?
  6. Whether a newly registered company can issue ESOP's?
  7. In case ESOP's are excuted, what are the formalities?
  8. What are the conditions we can put in an ESOP agreement and which conditions can not be attached in ESOP Agreement?

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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