The list of top politcal parties of India is:

  1. Congress: Indian National Congress is the largest political party in India. Party is currently ruling the country and many states. From North to South, Congress has a strong hold. The current congress is mis-understood by many people and is credited with the independence of Country. The original congress party, was liquidated and Indian National Congress party was founded.
  2. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP): BJP is the second largest party in country. BJP have the second highest members of Parliament. Party has government in more than 4 states and is currently the most popular party in India.
    BJP have stron hold in North-west India and Hindi belt, but dont have much followers in Southers and North-East states.
  3. Communist Party of India (CPI): CPI is the third largest party in India. The party ruled West-Bengal for a long period and have been in central government many times.
    Party has strong hold in Bengal and Kerala.

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