Today is the birthday of greatest youth icon of 20th century, Shahid Bhagat Singh. He is the perfect role model for youths.

The lesson we can learn from his life are:

  1. There is no age limit to do anything good for country or society
  2. Take risk, it gives more returns
  3. Its all about sending a message
  4. Once done something never regret
  5. Be intellectually strong
  6. Choose a road less travelled
  7. If the country is not safe, none of the citizens are safe (For entrepreuners its company and employees)
  8. Make a plan and execute it accordingly
  9. Team work
  10. Dont follow the famous but the right one
  11. Whatever your ideology (Path) is, but goal is important

Posted 6 years, 6 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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