Chartered Accountant are not allowed to advertise their services in papers, radio or television.

How can  a Chartered Accountant advertise his services?

Which mediums are allowed for him to advertise?

What care should be taken while releasing an advertisement by a chartered accountant or CA firm?

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I request you to kindly read the ethics n tell the solutions 

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Yes, a chartered accountant can not advertise through any medium. Except the Classifieds, whether offline or internet based.

The council at ICAI frames the rules for CA's to use their names at different occassion.

For example regarding press release the ICAI have following rules:

Direction given by the Council under Clause (7) of Part I of the First Schedule to the CA Act provides that a chartered accountant in practice/firm cannot give advertisement in press. However, a special exemption has been made as regards publication of the name and address of a member or that of his firm, with the description chartered accountant(s), in an advertisement appearing in the press in the circumstances as listed below , provided that the advertisement is not displayed more prominently than is usual for such advertisements or the name of the member or that of his firm with the designation chartered accountant(s) appears in type not bolder than the substance of the advertisement:

  • Advertisement for recruiting staff in the members own office.
  • Advertisement inserted on behalf of clients requiring staff or wishing to acquire or dispose of business or property.
  • Advertisement for the sale of a business or property by a member acting in a professional capacity as trustee, liquidator or receiver.

When advertising for staff, it is desirable that members should avoid the expression such as “a well-known firm”, since this would savour of advertisement. Similar considerations apply to advertisements for articled assistants. The advertisements should not contain any promotional element nor should there be any suggestion that the services offered by the chartered accountants or his firm are superior to those offered by other accountants.

Can A CA Advertise his Services?

No, except through Classifieds. But even in classified ads he can not praise his expertise.

Which mediums are allowed to advertise services of a CA?

Classifieds, direct face to face discussion, articles or discussion on forums (offline or online) etc.

What care should be taken while releasing an advertisement by a Chartered accountant or a CA Firm?

CA can not advertise his services. While listing the services in classifieds the care should be taken are:

  1. The listing should be given similar treatment given to normal listings in classifieds
  2. The listing in classifieds can be made even if its not free
  3. Words like Expert, Extra-ordinary should not be mentioned
  4. Shining, extra graphical effects should not be added
  5. Information should be on pull method and not on push methods.

Will update the more information from ethics and standard council of ICAI.

How can  a Chartered Accountant advertise his services? - See more at:

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