Election dates are announced and manifestos are out of each party. Congress in its manifesto has promised quota for Sc/ST in private Sectors.

The industrialist have quoted the promise as a populist method to lure the voters. Congress defended their move by calling it a social responsibility of corporates to improve marganilsed castes.

How correct is Congress in promising the Reservation Quota for SC and ST in private sectors?

Will Private Sectors oppose the decision to give reservation to sc/st?

What impact the decision will have on economy of country?


Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

Well Congress played the cards. But before we conclude it lets answer these few questions:

  1. SC/STs are fools and idiots?
  2. Indians dont have brains?
  3. Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi can alter the brains of people?
  4. People will vote for Congress?
  5. Private Sector will happily cherish the decision?

The answer to above all questions is a big NO.

Congress was in power from last 10 year, in second term they were very strong. If they wanted to do something like this, they could have done. But they kept it for 10 years to play it as an election card.

People from SC/ST class have the brains, they can think and act. They can take care of themself, thats why they have reservation in government sector.

Congress is trying all it can do to attract the attention of voters. Congress have lost its ground due to these old school political tactics, they doing it from last 67 years.

India, today is developing due to private sector. Government employees are liability to this country, they are of no use. Country can run even if government employees go on long leaves.

Private industries dont run on funds of government but runs on the brains of people managing them. This is not the same case with government departments, all non-functioning people run the government departments.

If a person can not perform, he is fired from private industries. If a person does not perform in government departments, he is paid bribe to work.

The only hope of development in India is left due to private sector, government should not even think to play with it.

Already the funds collected as tax from private sector is used to fund the vote banks. How the NREGA, Food Security bill, Housing scheme etc. are funded?

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Bada Mouth

If this is what Congress have promised, than let me predict the Sensex on results day.

If Congress wins - Market will hit lower circuits.

If Congress loose - Market will hit upper circuits.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Stock Guru

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