Arvind Kejriwal is the hero of current political run. His party captured Delhi within few months of formation.

He got a chance to prove his talent, but he resigned and left the cm post.

He got a very good oppurtuniy to win the hearts of Indians, but he broke the hops of public.

Why did Arvind Kejriwal resigned? What justification he gave for resignation?

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Bada Mouth

Right decision for him and his party ? YES

Right decision for the progress of our country ? NO

Why? Because right from day one he sworn in as chief minister, he was finding an escape route to quit rather than keep a stable government and bring a change in the society.

Swami Vivekananda rightly said when he said "Helping hands are better than praying lips". What Kejriwal is doing is showing the people what is not right in the country and what are wrong things done in the past. Does he have a plan that works perfectly and solves these problems? NO.

Having passed Civil Service Exam, he very well knows what the constitution says while he has to table the bill. Every lawyer and media in India knew that he is going to resign even before he resigned. Why ? Because it is straight forward. It is like telling "I will run 1000 kms in a day or else I am going to slap myself". Everyone knew that he cannot run 1000 kms and probabaly he might slap himself. And that's exactly what he did. And now blame it on others that they did not allow him to run. What crap ?

And why are all AAP supporters and members always angry on others ? Why can' t they listen something patiently ? They have to realize that even they might be wrong. Listen to others as well and may be what you want to achieve might be achieved in a much better manner as well.

It is not that if I do not support Kejriwal, I do not support Jan Lokpal bill. I still believe Jan Lokpal bill has to exist and the existing Lokpal bill tabled by Center is non sense.

What I expected from Kejriwal was to bring a change. Sure he brought a change but it was for the good of his party and its future not for the good of the people. I expect him to do something that shows the result. Let it take time but let it be effective rather than ending up without any result but coming across as a hero to showcase himself as he tried his best but others stamped him down.

We can be superior over others in two ways.
1) By growing taller than others.
2) By making others short and you remaining as is.

Sad that Kejriwal chose second option.

I would have supported him more had he stayed as CM, implemented the Jan Lokpal Bill after a month in a constitutional way and taken effective measures to implement policies in Delhi that helps the people in Delhi improve their lives better than it was one month back.

With all the above reasons I feel it was not right decision for Common man but it was right decision for AAP.

I liked this answer, the answer was found on one question and answer website.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Prakash mehta

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