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I had recently been on a Road trip to Manali covering 1000 Kms starting from Chandigarh via Manali and ending at Delhi, wanted to share a few experience so that you are prepared with all required stuff.

1. Decide on places to visit.

The list of places to visit will depend on the number of day you are planning for the Trip. As you are planning for a bike road trip always have a spare plan in case the roads are closed due to land slide etc. or spare a day or two in case u want to visit those places for sure.

2. Decide on the right bike.

You can carry your bike by transporting it to the location from where you want to start the bike journey by means of train or other convenient modes of transport. Other option is you can rent a bike.  Best options for bike trip are any bike above 180 CC as the bike requires power to drive you through all the terrain and stable enough in rough conditions.
 (We hired Bullet 500 CC)

You get bikes for rent in all the major tourist places. Prices will range from Rs. 800-2000 per day. While booking bike do check how many Kms the bike is driven, if more than 30,000 Kms do ensure bike is serviced and checked for basic checks from your end before starting the journey.

3. Gears while driving.

If the visiting places are hill stations, a jacket is a must to bet the cold. Helmets are a must. Eye gear to protect your eye from dust and harsh conditions on road. If its a road trip to Leh/Ladhak you will need a thick trousers also ensure you carry extra warm clothes.

4. Luggage.

You are the right person to decide what all you will need. A couple of thing to add are tissues, driving gloves, a small scarf( to warp your face to avoid tan etc.), Plastic tarpaulin to warp the luggage so that you don’t have to halt when every it rains, plastic treads or elastic wire to wrap the luggage easily.

Ensure you or your partner don’t have heavy luggage on your backs while driving. It will make your drive uncomfortable and may lead to back pain as well. In case you end up carrying ensure it kept on tank so that the bag is worn by the driver it help as driver don’t have to take the weight and both can have a comfortable drive.

5. Documents

Carry spare photo copy of all the required vehicle documents as well as the drivers license. If traveling to restricted area you might need to take permits in advance, enquire with the local tourist guides they will help you to get them easily.

6. Fuel

In case it a long trip with limited access to fuelling stations carry spare fuel storage tanks. Also ensure you have space to hold them in your vehicle.

Hope these points will help. If you have any queries you can post a query here.

Have a safe Journey.

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago by Babulal Shiradana

Good post, thanks for sharing. Would have been great if you could upload few pics. The Manali roads are beautiful to drive and scenery is eye catching.

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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