2014 has witnessed greater social media participation by the Indian Citizens. A  virtual electoral battle is going on between the three giants viz., BJP, Congress & AAP, although the battle finally is MODI V/s RAHUL V/S KEJRIWAL.

Just have a look at the social media numbers following the big political parties in India

World's most popular politicians according to facebook

Modi has become the Second most popular politician in the World, while AAP has become a great challenge for BJP in twitter. Rahul and his party are no where to be seen in this list.


There are lost of memes , trolls and jokes on the Facebook Media. Hashtags like Pappudiwas (attacking Rahul), Kejriwaldiwas (attacking Kejriwaal) , Modiyapa( attacking Modi) were all viral on facebok. Tagline "Abki Bar Mukesh Sarkar" was viralised and trolled by his opponents by linking MOdi to Ambani. Kejriwal was the center of attraction for many spoofs which went viral on Youtube.

Narendra Modi, also became the first indian public figure to use GOOGLE HANGOUT for video chatting, this one hour hangout attracted more than 4 million users online , which was also telecasted on TV and more than 20,000 questions were asked. Nearly 166,000 clicks were generated on Modi's website on that day. More than 70,000 tweets poured in simultaneously. People from 116 countries were viewing the live google video chat.

Facebook has also introduced a new feature where people can add " Registered to vote" as their timeline life event.

Lots of unorganised as well as powerful debates take place on facebook, yet social media in India has its own limitations. The biggest limitation being that the Social media has a long way to go before it becomes a truly representative media of the Entire Voter Base of India.

Political parties are realising that they can no longer manufacture truth. Social media is by nature impulsive, volatile and a platform which is impossible to control. It can remember everything we say, No one can pretend on social media, which brings enormous pressure on politicians to come clean which many politicians are yet to realise.

Hoping , by 2019 elections , social media without any doubts will play a very decisive role in shaping the country's future.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

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