MTS 3G data card review, Services in Bangalore

My office is in Vijayanagar and home is in Maruthi Layout, Bangalore. Bought a new MTS 3G data card.

The call center are useless, no one answers your querries. Network is not available in home. In office the network is available for 5 minutes and not available for another 30 minutes.

Lucky if you can find a place where network exist. Once connected speed is good. Please check the network in your area before you buy.

I would recommand another service provider instead of MTS. You can think of the network availability, i an writing this review using BSNL internet in office. MTS is kept unused in side.

It took 5 days to activate the services, its seems my MDN number was wrongly punched in their system.

Network: 1/5

Service: 1/5

Wi-Fi connectivity: 3/5

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

So, its another useless piece. Airtel is best is only network is to be concerned, next comes TATA Photon.

I think you bought it after watching their TV ads.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Rahul Rai

I would say MTS , tata photon and even airtel for that matter are totally useless datacards compared costwise. I would prefer Aircel dongles for their amazing speed and cheap tariff rates. The only issue may be the signal issue when you move into remote and village areas where any network for that matter wont work properly. 

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

Well here i go with my experiance with MTS Datacard.

As i already told that activation was a hard luck but thats where all problems started. I got activation and thereafter the bad run started.

MTS fooled me and is fooling everyone with 3G speed promise.

Never buy a MTS internet connection and here is the reason why.

I used MTS for more than 6 months and paid bills too!!! Network was available hardly for 2-3 hours during whole 24 hours. Speed was never more than 200 kbps.

You can never watch a video with MTS dongle. My usage hardly crossed 10 GB during a month, the free data was available upto 40 GB.

I subscribed under this plan. The Rs. 999 plan is a trap!!!Finally i decided to stop the services and not to pay bills. Even if they demand i will pay according to my usage.

MTS customer care started calling me for more than 3 times a day. The customer care used all wrong words, they are not professionals. My connection was debard, and relief was granted.

I had logged complaints lot of time but due to no solution stoped complaining.

And now suddenly got this mail from there legal team.


"Ref No: 1904391730                                                                                    Date: 09-Dec-2014

 Pulkit  Sharma


 Ref: Letter towards Outstanding of Rs.2169 of your Data Card No. 8710092732


Dear Sir/Madam,

 Ø  With reference to the earlier communication, we have requested you to make payments towards the Voice/ Data services availed by you from SSTL.  That for the afore-said usage amounting to Rs.2169 /- have been raised upon you but you failed to pay the same within the stipulated time.

 The above said amount of Rs.2169 /- is still pending against your account even after several requests and demands. We request you to kindly make the payment within 7 day from the date of receipt of this letter.

 Hence we request you to kindly pay the said outstanding amount of Rs. 2169/- (Two Thousand One Hundred Sixty Nine Rupess Only.) within 7 day from the date of receipt of  this letter failing which we will be constrained to take appropriate  legal action before the appropriate Courts of Law at your risk,  cost and consequences.  In case you have any clarifications/queries on your outstanding or if you have already made the payment please contact us at 8183906057.

 Yours faithfully,

For Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited"

And goes my reply:

Dear Sir,

You write really good, wish your services were also good.Please check the complaints I logged with MTS but never got a better solution.

 Now coming to legal part, Sir when I bought the MTS; Product was launched with a promise of 8-9 MBPS. But you can check your data logs what was the max speed I ever got. 2G connections were better than your 3G services. Despite of faulty services from your side (Contract was that MTS provides advertised services and users pay requested charges). MTS never fulfilled their part, even then I paid bills for more than half year.

Everything has a limit.

Dear sir, again request you to reconsider your actions not only based on the legal options but also the service quality that MTS provided.

  1. You can check logs, my connection never crossed more than 10 GB in a month. Is this how data consumed with 3G speed!!!
  2. Out of 24 hours, hardly for few minutes connection was live. Booked complaints with customer care but not proper response was given (Customer support was part of contract).

You have to understand the problem of your users. If I had received proper services, paying 1000 per month was not a big issue, I had paid bills in hope of improvement in service quality.

Sir, not only you have the option to take legal action but I also can book my complains with appropriate forums (including consumer court, after supreme court decision even Telecom complains can be solved in consumer court).

Sir, request you to check the history of connection, analyze the problems I faced. Connection was bought to do official work but with the speed and network coverage that MTS had, I lost valuable time and work was affected. Will MTS pay the cost of time and work lost?

I suffered a lot with MTS Connection, my advice to everyone is please buy any connection in this world but NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO MTS INTERNET SERVICES.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

I also tried MTS and believe me its highly useless telecom company.

Customer care is hopeless and they talk irrelevant things. Even if you complain, hope for no solutions from them.

Best thing to do with MTS is buy a dongle if you getting it for free, use and throw it. Throw it far or keep it in a outstation bus so you never get it back.

Highly disappointing internet service provider.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

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