To pay income taxes online, go to income tax india website.

Click on E-Pay Taxes or go directly to Online Payment Page.

The link of e-payment of taxes online

Select the appropriate link on the payment page, for income tax payments select

Once the link is opened select the correct radio button, Select other than companies if you are paying for individuals, firms or any other persons but not company.

  1. Fill the PAN number
  2. Select correct Assessment year, this is most important after PAN.
  3. In type of payment, select the advance tax if you are paying advance tax otherwise select Self assessment tax(if you are paying while filing the return).
  4. You need to select the bank
  5. After entering the security text, click on proceed.
  6. Once the banking ID and PW are correctly filled, the new page will open
  7. Enter the tax amounts and pay.
  8. Save the challan.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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