Vat (Value added Tax) registration procedure is almost similar in all states in India. One can apply online for vat registration Maharashtra.

To apply online you have to go to the Vat E-registration website of Maharashtra Vat department.

Fill the required form and submit. Once form is submitted you will get an request ID. Remember this request id for all future enquiries with department.

Documents Required for registration under MVAT are:

  1. Certified true copy of the MOA and AOA
  2. Address Proof and PAN of Directors/Proprietor/Partners
  3. NOC from the Landlord if the place of business is Rented.
  4. Two Proofs of place of business
  5. If the Place of Business is not rented than proof of ownership should be submitted.
  6. Lates Bank statement and one cancelled cheque
  7. 2 passport size photograph of the Directors/properietor/partners
  8. Form No. 210 as proof of payment of registration fee.
  9. One DD of Rs. 5025 /- and One Of Rs. 25000/- drawn on NATIONALIZED BANKS.
  10. Profession Tax number of all the Properietor/Partners/Directors and the Company.
  11. If the profession tax number is not yet taken then apply for the PT number and attach the photocopy of the PT application counter with the Form 101.
  12. Letter of Authority in Form no. 105 for appointing the Authorized signatory.
  13. Letter of Authority in favor of the consultant in Form no. 708 and From no. 709 ( both in two copies)
  14. On the letter head of the Company – resolution of appointing Authorized signatory to act in this regards.

Cost of Vat Registration will depends from dealer to dealer. However normally the cost involves application fees, Security deposit, and other fees. Total cost may go upto 50,000.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

I thought the cost of Vat registration was highest in Karnataka. The cost of registration is extremely high in Maharashtra. How can small trader do business in Maharashtra.

The cost involved is not friendly with entrepreuners and startups. The cost is significant and can even have impact on idea of starting a business!!!

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Small trader can take the compulsary vat regiostartion. In that need an local sale of Rs 10laks or more or interstate sale of Rs 1 laks or more. For that Compulsary registration goverment fees is only Rs 525/-.

You can visit here for vat registartion in Mumbai -

Posted 11 months, 4 weeks ago by Ankit Bhansali

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