For Pakistan Kashmir is territory captured by India. For India Kashmir is a part of country. Kashmir issue began when Pandit Nehru, the prime minister of India did not include Kashmir in India as a full fledged state.

what you think the Kashmir issue will ever be solved?

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by Prakash mehta

Kashmir issue will be solved if any of this happens in India:

  1. India see a strong Prime Minister, Pakistan never took India as a serious country (Manmohan Singh till date is weakest prime minister of India)
  2. India attacks and clean terrorists from Pakistan. Pakistan uses the terrorists against India, more than army.
  3. Indian secrete agencies crash the Pakistan secrete agencies.
  4. Kashmir is included as a integral part of India and Constitution of India is amended.

Pakistani politicians for their benefits will never try to solve the issue. For citizens in Pakistan, Kashmir is a big issue. They will always try to keep the issue live and take the political benefit. Politicians in Pakistan know that Kashmir will never be seperated from India, even they keep the issue live to take the political advantages within the country.

United States of America (USA) have to stop funding the Pakistan army. Pakistan is funded by USA to fight terrorism, but Pakistan use this money to fund the terrorist organisation against India.

Final words:

India has to take strong action and look strong.

Secrete agencies have to spread the propaganda in Pakistan to cool the Kashmir issue.

USA have to stop fundings to Pakistan.

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

A Part of Kashmir has been conquered by Pakistan from one end and China from another. 

Only steady peace between India and Pakistan can only solve the Kashmir conflict, which is very unlikely considering how pakistan has been backstabbing India since independence by sponsoring the terrorists time and again even after many peace pacts. It is a very big challenge and the only way to resolve the conflict if at all Kashmiri's have to leave peacefully. 

United States of America, UNO and many other great giants which have enormous economic and military influence, can also help to resolve the conflict.

We all see the issue of Kashmir from this religious and political angle. Only few know actually what is happening to the people living in this region which is not at all considered as a major issue.

1. Kashmiri Hindu Pundits are emigrating from the Kashmir because of mass violence, conversion etc

2. A large section of people living in Kashmir valley are orphans or destitutes who suffer from major health problems, financial problems etc

3.Suicide rate in Kashmir valley is highest in India

4. Poverty rate is extremely high in Kashmir

5. No proper education , health facilities

What has our Indian Government done for the development of Kashmiri's life ? No Political party cares for their problems. Pakistan and India both are concerned only with their political desires and playing spoilsport with the kashmiris life. Its high time Government of both countries take initiatives for the well-being of these people instead of just focusing on Peace pacts, Anti-terrorism etc.      

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

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