Today Rahul Gandhiji was visiting all the polling booths at Amethi to see that lot many people come for voting. It seems that he did not had any option. He might be fearing of loosing his own seat. It is a indirect way of campaigning on the day of polling. Let see what happens ?

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by Mukesh Solanki

No doubt that Rahul Gandhi will win at Amethi. Some people are born to be slave and people of Amethi are slaves.

People in Amethi votes for Congress, as congress have the right to rule them. Corruption, development, progress are not a factor for them to choose the political party.

Congress have all the world records for corruption, mis-governance, dividing the people, riots and still easily win in Amethi.

Never, Rahul Gandhi or other leaders of Congress mention development while compaigning in Amethi, they know development does not exist in Amethi.

No power, No jobs, No hopes and still people vote for Congress. Who should be blamed for this, we can not blame congress. Congress have they agenda of wining seats to win election and they are successful too.

People of Amethi should be blamed for their ignorance.

Youth should vote thinking of their future. Youth should not listen but analyze what leaders say. Youth should not listen to what their elders say, our previous generation selected leaders based on caste, religion, criminal records. But we should never vote based on caste and religion.

Vote for Good future, Vote for Strong India.

Jai Hind

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by Prakash mehta

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