I have launched a blog. I was wondering what content should i put to get it on top in Google. I can not write contents related to people for my website to make it famous. If we write anything on people, wikipedia is already on the top.

My question is, how to make a new website famous? What content should one put to make it famous?

Before answering please read the following issues in writing the content to make a new website famous.

  1. Can not write on People, since wikipedia is always on top.
  2. Can not write on movies, IMDB is always on top.
  3. Can not write on current issues, news websites are always on top.

What contents we can write to make a famous blog or website?

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by Bada Mouth

Firstly congrats, you started a blog. You are facing the same issue that everyone else does.

I hope at least you know, the content that you love to write. You cannot make a website or blog famous until the contents that you write are loved by readers.

If you love your content, readers will also love the contents.

Firstly, i would advise you to read How to rank your website on top in google.

By reading the post you will realize that to come on top your content should be original and unique.

Good thing is that you can write contents (your discussions on tikshare are really great). Write the content that you love.

Regarding your doubts on contents already posted on other sites and featuring on top, i would say if everyone thought like you, no one could ever launch a website.

People search in google shows wikipedia on top, but for many searches wikipedia fails. Google display results based on query put by the user. Try to write an article which talks a lot than just biography of person. For biography, wikipedia is of course the great source. If same content is available on wikipedia, why google send users to your site!!!

Write something which is not available on wikipedia or is not completely available on wikipedia. For example, you can write about love affairs of Nehru. If you great content in depth, google may show your site on top instead of wikipedia.

Similarly, you should write something about movies which are not available on IMDB. Write controversial things, these are not available on wikipedia.

Current topics are of course everywhere on news.

How to write contents which will feature on top in google?

Coming to your this question, i would suggest that before writing think like a user who will search your contents. Write articles in a manner which includes all questions which are possible to be searched. For example, when writing about Mahatma Gandhi, dont just write his biography but put everything in paragraphs with heading. Google gives importance to headings. Title of the article should be appealing and in a searchable format.

If you writing about World War 2, don’t just write the title as "World War2 in world" but write something like "World War2 - who started and what were the results". In article keep giving heading to each paragraph. People will search who started world war 2 and your content might appear on top, since you these words in your heading instead of main text.

Don’t write a wrong heading, always write a title which goes well with the text of article. You cannot write title as "Love affairs of Mahatma Gandhi" and in text his non-violence movement. Google ranks the contents based on the flow of the contents with title of article.

You can write about current ongoing topics and get on top. News websites appears on top only for a limited time on top for a topic. For example, once the election results are announced, news sites will appear on top only for a month. After a month the best content around the world starts appearing on top.

Write something which provides solution to users. Instead of writing just news, you can analyze and write. Users searching for consequences of events will land on your website.

I will also suggest you that give some time to your site and stop worrying about google. If you have more users who keep coming to your site frequently, google will of course rank your site on top. Google also factors the brand value of a website.

Generate good content, Google have more than 200 factors to rank the content. If your content is good, google will automatically rank them on top.

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by SEO Guru

@ SEO learner, you have written like a genius. Its very difficult to promot a new website without appealing content.

Bada mouth should concentrate on producing high quality content, good content is the best stretagy to rank on top.

Write for your users and not for google. I can understand writing for google is required to get visitors, but if users find your content great than google will also find it intresting.

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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