For a student who wants to get in placement selection and have a good MBA degree, which university should on choose?

Out of Sharda University, Amity university and Lovely professional University which University you suggest?

Can someone provide full details about these universities on the following credentials:

Quality of Education


Communication and personal skills development

Extracurricular activities

Placements and which companies come in the campus recruitment

Sharda University, Amity University or Lovely Professional Unirversity for MBA? 

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Ram Sinha

The trick here is how to evaluate and rank these universities. You are asking to compare universities which have not proved their worth yet.

Only good things you here about these universities is in their TV, Paper and Online advertisements.

These are sure on the same path on which IIPM (Arindham Chaudhary) already travelled. These are located in same cultural locations.

Have you ever seen IIM or IIT advertising? They dont require advertisements, as they have already proved their worth.

You need advertisements to sell something which is acceptable but not accepted. What these universities are suppose to advertise and what they advertise.

The targeted students of these universities are the students which comes from the families which became rich due to increase in land prices of NCR region.

Students join these colleges to enjoy their 2-3 years. The newly rich fathers want their son to have a degree which they dont have. Its not possible for these brats to join IIM or IIT.

These 3 universities Lovely, Amity and Sharda advertise and try to trap the students.

I can not review these 3 universities as i have never heard a successful placement or any significant contribution from Lovely, amity or Sharda.

Even you notice the theme of advertisement, these universities praise their campus and not education quality.

They want students which have good money to enjoy the campus ride and are not bothered about the campus placement or education quality.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Prakash mehta

You can not compare these universities to IIM or IIT. They offset it by doing advertisements. No achievements yet from their performance.

Dont look at the awards, awards can be bought and sold in local fancy stores. The shocking thing is few degrees awarded by Amity were not recognised by UGC.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Bada Mouth

Thanks for the review but why dont you look at these positive aspects:

Maybe these colleges are spending on advertisements but when you get into the system of a private university like this, I would say they provide lots of opportunities and credibility to a student keeping in mind the fact that the student is willing to utilize that. Regarding fees, universities like Lovely Professional University, Amity and Sharda provide huge scholarships to deserving candidates. Apart from the IIT s and NIT s, the private university league is the face of Modern Indian Higher Education and they are sincerely putting in lots of efforts to project India as a centre for high end education standards with cutting edge research and academic pedagogy.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Ram Sinha

After seeing the rise of universities like Amity University, Manipal University, etc. it seems that the quality of education is deteriorating day by day. After analyzing the annual result of these universities, experts say that such universities have no interest in providing quality education to the students because the main motto of these universities is to earn maximum profit. It is shameful to see that even after knowing the reality, people are allowing their children to take admission in such universities.

Many senior professors from various leading universities believe that Amity University has become a sort of status symbol for the rich kids who have no interest in studying. Such students have no ambition in life and they just take admission just for the sake of it!

Talking about private universities, it can be said that only Lovely Professional University is working diligently by providing the best education to the students. After having a look at the impressive annual result of this university one can easily get to know the level of education that is being provided to the students. Even the placement record of LPU is so remarkable that it guarantees the bright future of the students. Considering the current situation of the education system of the country it can be said that universities like LPU are truly like a ray of hope.  

Posted 4 years, 3 months ago by Hemant Gulati

Recently few students of Sharda University have filed a complaint against their seniors. They claimed that their seniors are guilty of indulging in ragging. Well, this is not the only case of this kind, many ragging cases keep cropping up every now and then but experts feel that such cases are on a rise in Sharda University.

Facts and figures reveal that the environment of Sharda University is very inappropriate and apart from ragging there are many other notorious activities that keep happening in the campus of this university. Even a few professors of this university have raised objections regarding the inappropriate activities that occur in the campus but the senior authorities did nothing to make things better.

Academic specialists have stated that Sharda University must take a cue from Lovely Professional University where there is a strict ban against ragging and other notorious activities. It is really praiseworthy that till date there has been no case of ragging in the campus of Lovely Professional University. The entire campus is under a strict vigil of several cctv cameras and the senior authorities make sure that no inappropriate activity takes place in the university campus. Even the students of LPU have confessed that they feel highly safe and secure in the campus. 

Posted 4 years, 3 months ago by Juliea Jackson

Talking about Sharda University, Amity University or Lovely Professional University for MBA, I guess all these universities do their best when it comes to the overall growth of the individuals. You can see different universities publishing all their advertisements over the internet and gaining a lot of attentions. However, the main concern is about them being competent enough to provide the MBA graduated what they deserve and suitable resources to work afterwards. All these universities have their online admissions and tests to help the students explore each one of them properly. For instance, Sharda university comes with SUAT, Sharda university online test, ( It helps individuals to see the perspectives and the whole admission process thoroughly.  Amity university is a good university. Talking about the jobs, Amity university is good at placing their students in good organizations. Similarly, the lovely university offers a lot of courses and comes with the amazing campus. Sharda university is not any step back as it comprises of a lot of future opportunities. Sharda university offers a lot of growth and job opportunities to their students. They have a big list of companies coming every year for placement. Thus, overall, Sharda University is better than the other two for MBA students

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by mayank sharma

Sharda University, Amity University or Lovely Professional University for MBA, keeping the question between these three only, my pick will be Sharda University. It offers a lot to their students. Along with that taking admission in the university is quite easy. You can simply visit their admission page, SUAT( and know about all the steps. It comes with the test which is of equal standards as other premium colleges. Sharda University ranking is higher than other two mentioned.

We can not compare these three universities with IIM, obviously. However, if the competition is between these three, all of them come with a lot of good things. Sharda university comes with good and helpful faculty. Lovely university campus is really good. All these three universities offer good placements as well. Albiet, for MBA, Sharda University is better and offers a lot of growth opportunities to the students. 

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by James Thomas

Sharda University, Amity University or Lovely Professional University for MBA, keeping the question and considering  these three only, my choice will be Sharda University. Sharda University ranking is higher than other two mentioned.for MBA, Sharda University is better and offers a lot of growth opportunities to the students.They have a big list of companies coming every year for placement. Sharda University has more international students and more international ties up with foreign universities.Hence i prefer Sharda University among all the three choices.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by ashutosh rimal

Among those three of the universities, I would go for Sharda University due to the cultural diversities and best education system among other two.

According to placement records of last year in B Tech Computer Science, the placement was 94% which is very good for its reputation. Every year number of companies coming for placements are increasing realatively.




Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Anurag AnRg

Sharda University is the better choice in comparison to Amity and Lovely Professional University. The quality of learning environment 

The quality of learning environment is very good at Sharda. It is located in Knowledge park-III, Greater Noida which is the emerging city and IT hub. This helps the students to learn and work nearby campus.It increases placement opportunities after campus life. And also I would like to mention students at Sharda get better placement opportunities than other Universities. Many top companies like IBM, TCS, STM, and Tech-Mahindra come for placement every year.

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Madan Kafle

Among these three Universities, I would choose Sharda University because of its diverse range of students from 55+ countries and international faculties.The environment here in Sharda is happening and friendly with world class facilities. 

Placements in Sharda University is comparatively good, more than 80% of total students are placed in good companies every year. Different types of training and seminar are continuously organized by University in order to enhance the knowledge of students. 

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Subina Adhikari

 Among this three Universities which are Sharda, LPU, and Amity University, I will advise you to come to Sharda University because it is the best.

Placements in Sharda University is comparatively good, more than 80% of total students are placed in good companies every year. Different types of training and seminar are continuously organized by University in order to enhance the knowledge of students. 

Sharda University has a well laid-out systematic process of meetings students career aspirations and corporate expectations.

for more information visit;  .

Posted 3 years ago by Salmanu Muhammad Ishaq


Sharda University the world is here it is my privilege to advise to come to Sharda University it is one of the best university in India with the multinational students studying in the university.

 Sharda University has well academic standard of learning with a tied up with various university around the world for exchange programme .Sharda University MBA is one of the priorities of the university that has given more attention by given proper concern in producing good managers and given a chance to performed to the expectation in making the country to a higher level.

At Sharda University, there are lots of opportunities for the student of MBA by given then a special  industrial visit to the various companies for exposures in order to understand the practical aspect of the management as a whole 

Sharda University provides 100% placements in good and well sounded multinational companies which the student will be proud of, the reputation of the companies is excellent across the world e.g IBM self-express etc.  this are some example of the companies that are visiting Sharda University for placement.

 for more queries, you can visit Sharda University website.

the world is here at Sharda University, Where are you.

Posted 3 years ago by ibrahim shuaib

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