Wondering whether to start with Positive or Negative. Redbus, the online bus ticket booking portal in India is no doubt best for the purpose.

Its easy to surf the site and booking a ticket is really simple and user friendly.

Booked a ticket for OOTY from Redbus. The scheduled day was 31/5/2014 and departure time was 9:30.

I think it was never so simple and hasslefree to book a bus ticket. Redbus provides a great platform to compare and book the tickets.

I booked the Sleeper bus from KPN travels. The departure location was Shanti Nagar Bus Stand.

Reached on the time, infact well before the time. It was 9:30 and no trace of bus. Got a happy journey message from Redbus with Customer care numbers.

It was 10:00 and again no trace of bus, no satisfactory answer from staff of KPN travels. Tried to call the customer care of REDBUS, the worst thing to happen; no one to pick your call.

I was going to OOTY for holidays and no trace of my booked bus, and the agent who booked ticket is not responding.

I was furious at Redbus more than KPN Travels. KPN might be a poor service provider, but why should Redbus suggest a bus operator which is so irresponsible.

Tried 5 times and no one picked from Redbus. Imagine, your scheduled bus has not arrived even after 30 minutes and staff of bus operator is not able to give satisfactory answer neither Redbus responded.

I lost hope in Redbus. It was 10:30 and no bus to pick. Tension and confusion almost ruined the mood of vacation.

It was 10:45 and finaly a normal bus arrived (we were promised sleeper bus and charged for that). Staff did not announce the arrival of bus, luck favoured and i enquired with driver. Driver responded, the bus was connecting bus between pickup point and sleeper bus.

Finaly at 11:15, got the correct bus and reached OOTY by almost 3 hours late.

Whole schedule got ruined, the taxi which was supposed to pick from bus stand left without us.

After, enjoying the OOTY weather, came back to Bangalore in the best and reliable transport option. I booked Airavat (KSRTC), it was on time and staff was more friendly.

This was my first and last experiance with Redbus. I am not angry with Rebus for suggesting KPN travels but for  not reponding the customer care calls.

Hope Redbus improve their services at ground level and not let the users panicking.

Posted 6 years, 3 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

KPN travels is one the worst travel operator you will find. Why the hell people use them. I will advice to use government buses for travelling.

State buses are on time and atleast we get seating facilities on bus stops. Government buses are always better than private buses.

The only purpose of these private operators is to earn high profit and they can ruin your schedule to just increase their margins.

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Bada Mouth

Mr. Pulkit, 

This is not just your story, it is everyday story with most of the people who rely on this private transport services. They never start on time and reach on time. If you are a regular traveller with them, you might learn their 'punctuality' and 'comfortable service' and plan accordingly. 

Most importantly their prices were like stock markets, will get changed everyday....!! You'll never see GREEDY people than this bus operators. 





Posted 4 years, 10 months ago by Mahesh Kumar

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