The category selected for this post might be wrong, but thought of a facebook post which looks like troll. I understand trolls as i do that much better :)

Here is the thread with comments:

Thread: I want to Invest 20 Lakhs in a business. What is best thing I can start up with?


  1. football indoor stadium wid Astroturf..
  2. Restaurant
  3. Franchise of Chocolate room or Sports bar
  4. resturants seems to be in rage right now in BLR
  5. Thread starter - I'm interested on taking up some good franchise .. like to get them ?? does they provide to a new comer?
  6. Are u interested in taking art and handicrafts showroom franchisee?? If yes ping me
  7. I have thought of that !! But do u have any idea regarding how many sq ft area is needed to open 2 small fields for a 7 a side team ?
  8. Food is always the best bet...stadiums of made has to have good facitlities which means bigger budgets.....and then marketing...not sure if it s a good idea
  9. Children indoor game facility
  10. start a distribution company for retail or consumer goods
  11. if you are a foodie and you know what is "good food" then food is the best bet in bangalore, ppl travel kilometers to have a decent meal in bangalore.
  12. If you are interested in Corner House (ice creams)franchise i can get you in touch with those people..Also have some other ideas for restaurant
  13. Invest in transportation. i.e buy a few cars & rent them to IT companies for transport
  14. Look for a good startup who are working in the area of your interest .. judge their capability to scale .. invest time n money in them
  15. U cn start "International E-commerce business project" with d investment mentioned by u. Unique concept. Wonderful Opportunity. Excellent earning potential. It is a Sun rise industry now. E-commerce business wil rule d world fr next 25 years, like how IT industry did fr d last 25 years.
  16. You cant start any restaurant with just 20 lacs today!! Your best best is to invest in real estate which again requires much more than that figure! Next option is to invest in a software start up after carrying out a thorough due diligence on the company, promoters & their product or service! A service focussed start up will fetch you quick returns - products based co's are longer term investments, more risky and will require some basic knowledge on the subject yourself. Take your pick!
  17. While most are suggesting restaurants, I would suggest to tread with caution. The operation costs and the nitty-gritty of running a restaurant is very very high. If you do not have exp, it can easily take more and more money to just start doing business.

    I would suggest to invest in something which you are best at.

    While thinking of investment, there are two ways to look at it. Are you looking for a lifestyle business (something which will give you some money every month), or a risky one startupy(if thats a word) which gives a big return after years, but is risky?
  18. Clothing and merchandising.. It's a never ending chain, and has a potential of 200% profits. something to think about or a small but good pharmacy.
  19. Any businesses can give good results avoid franchises, they will give all the risks to you and take all your profit!!!

    Select a business with good prospects, business is driven by demand. So you should study it by yourself.. You should be a common man see the world, you will know the demand.. Then think about prospects and decide. Never think about sudden profit, greediness will kill the business..

    Make your own decision, you have all grace to have necessary capital.. Try to get a good working partner who has good experience in the business line which you invest.
  20. Nobody can open a restaurent in 20 lakhs...but u can start with a small food place with good food..if the food is good place doesn't matter and expansion ll be the next way forward... Investing in startups, clothes, e commerce...not everyone can be zukerberg so has mre risk in these areas...everyone has to fill their stomach and taste comes first....if u want to take a little risk try cab service(wont work out well for everyone)...real estate with 20 lakhs is a dream in Bangalore
  21. Just start something you love to do.. or find someone who wants to do something which he loves but doesn't have money!
  22. start a hygienic fastfood center, you can sell pani puri etc . But it requires good precision and expertise. investment is going to be low and you can use your money in marketing , etc. Open chains of them. Profitability is high. If Blore , Then people crave for good food in affordable rates.
  23. Hey you can open a service centre for Honda or Bajaj,for following reasons.
    1.First of all they are less in numbers. in such a area where you cover a good population.
    3.Let it be recession your business wont be affected.
    4.And they make good amount of money on daily basis.
    5.And these are one of the most sold 2-wheeler brands currently.
    6.And later if its going good you can get into the dealership of the same
  24. The food biz is not for those who dont know anything about food or for those with limited capital! Like I said earlier - DO NOT GET INTO THE FOOD BIZ!!
  25. Is this for real or somebody wants to gain just publicity - The smartest guy :)

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Bada Mouth

It happens many time, over smart people get trolled. Person with 20 lakh will never ask on facebook.

If he has 20 lakh and made it himself, then he know how to make more. If he does not know how to make more money, then he is just trolling.

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Prakash mehta

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