For the people who dont want to invest in online or offline advertisements and marketing, Free classified websites are a lucky charm.

With free classifieds your advertisement is seen by many for free. Nowdays people search online for any requirement. If they need CA, Doctor or anything, first people search in google and than visit the place.

Even general stores are searched by people. For example people google the nearest general store and then make a purchase from there.

Putting an ad is not enough to get the customers or clients. You have to put an ad, which appears on top. The ad should on first page in google and at top position in classified site.

Here are the tips to help you post a perfect ad. The tips will help your ad to appear on top in google.

  1. Give a perfect title: Title of your advertisement should be perfect, dont give a title which is already appearing on google. If you live in Bangalore, title can be like ABC Associates-CA in Bangalore.
  2. Category: Category should be related to services or products you sale. Dont list your ad in an unrelated category.
  3. Address: Put a perfect address, dont forget to give a landmark. People often search by PIN or landmarks.
  4. Discription: This is the main portion which contributes major of factors for your ad to appear on top in google. Type a detailed discription about your services. Longer the discription, more chances of your ad appearing on first place. For example, suppose 2 CA firms have given their ad in classifieds. Firm X, did not write anything in discription except few of their services. Firm Y wrote a complete discription, covering the expertise and services in details. Anyone searching on google, will see ad of Y on top. Because google values the complete information more than the incomeplete.
  5. Image: Again images increases the chances of your post coming on top. Image should be original and it can be your logo.
  6. Other details: All other details required by classified websites should be completely filled. Incomplete informations is not liked by your potential customers or google.
  7. Social Media: Once ad is posted, share it on as many social network sites as possible.

Hope these tips help you to get more clients and top spot in google search.

Have a nice day!!!

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Site Moderator

This is what i have done. My ad on tikshare is following whatever is mentioned above. I already got 10 clients from tikshare classifieds.

Hope everyone follow these rules and make their ads appear on top in google.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Perfect tips to post the classified ads in online websites. Few points i would like to add are:

  1. The discription should be unique and dont use same discription on all site, otherwise it will become copied and google hates copied contents.
  2. Share it on social media and ask your friends to share the ad.
  3. Ask your all customers or clients to put a review. More the review better the chances of ad appearing on top.
  4. After 2-3 days of ad posting try to search on google, your ad must start appearing. Every week do this to see if your ad is on top. Incase the spot of ad is decreased, try to find the reasons and edit your ad.

Thank you

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

Wish there was like option even for replies. Perfectly continued the tips by Rahul Rai.

Agree with you that content should be unique and social media sharing can boost the position of ad and results can be extraordinary.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Site Moderator

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