Bad thing is Chartered Accountants can not advertise their services in newspapers or any other media. But good part is that advertisements in classifieds is allowed.

Whether classifieds are online or offline. Advertisements are allowed in all kind of classifieds, whether free or paid.

However there are some conditions like one can not mention himself as expertise in field. CA can not claim extraordinary things in ads posted in classifieds advertisements.

I did a detailed research on the topic "Which are the best websites where chartered accountants ads can get more clients".

After a detailed research these are my observations:

  1. Unlike other industries, Chartered accoutants can not give the quality details of their services. They can not announce like other industries, they can not make claims such as best in field and assured guarantees.
  2. Posting ad on Quikr, OLX, Grottal is of no use. These sites are full of spam ads and your credibility is affected.
  3. Justdial is a better option. JD is must have classifieds, not for web but for phone ads.
  4. Chartered Accountants can attract customers with their knowledge only. They should choose an online classifieds website where they can show their knowledge and communication skills. Its not only for chartered accountants but for service based business organisations.
  5. The only option to service based organisation to influance clients is by showing their knowledge, choose a website where you can show your knowledge.
  6. Tikshare classifieds suits best for service based organisations, you can post your ad on Tikshare classifieds and share your knowledge on forum and article section.
  7. User reading your article will surely be impressed and contact you for services.

I have benefitted a lot from tikshare. Communication and goodwill really increased because of posting on tikshare.

Advertise today on Tikshare classifieds!!! Just click on Post ad and its done.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

Thank you Rahul Rai, for your prompt review and ranking Tikshare on top for classifieds advertisements for Professionals.

You have to understand that Tikshare was crafted taking care of startups and new businesses.

Startups dont have much funds to market their services, tiksahre fills the gap by giving an oppurtunity to put the advertisement and create your goodwill for free.

One can easily built a goodwill on tikshare by just posting articles or discussing. Tikshare helps generate goodwill and present yourself in a better position to your potential clients.

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Site Moderator

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