United States of America (USA) is the most powerful country. USA cannot afford to lose its superpower status. The day USA loses its power, every nation which was exploited by them will start taking revenge.

Arabian extremist are waiting eagerly to destroy America. USA is taking all measures to retain its superpower crown. But, rise of China in Asia and dominance of OPEC countries is a big worry for USA.

China is strong enough to shake the presence of USA in Asia, USA need a strategic partner to tackle China and have chosen India. India does not have good chemistry with China and have border conflicts with china. USA is trying to advantage of differences between both countries.

People in USA are not aliens but the same Europeans who once ruled major portion of the world, they are cunning and believe in live and let die. India till recent was considered to be a soft target but with the change in government became a hard target for USA.

First, we have to analyze whether a war is possible between China and India. As per me, there can not be any war between both these countries, both are equipped with nuclear weapons and non of these countries would take a risk to destroy their booming economy.

Historically India and China never had war, except one before 52 years. The major issues China and India share are related to Border. A part of Kashmir is occupied by China and Pakistan. But, India and China are not smart enough to avoid any war in near future.

One thing we can accept and that is cold war between China and India. War is going on but it is not serious to the level of USA had with Russia.

China and India are depended on each other; China is more depended on India. China cannot take a risk to lose a billion dollar market in India. Today almost everything Indians buy are made in China and this make a large portion of Chinese economy.

We can conclude that China is a serious threat for USA, China is not going to fight with India and will continue to dominate the world economy in near future. USA is passing through one of the worst times, the youths in USA are not job ready and their jobs are consumed by Indians, Chinese etc.

Economy of USA is not recovering at the Chinese pace. Chinese economy is strong and better part is that China don’t waste money on wars like USA does. However USA is the largest exporter of weapons and due to consistent wars weapons are easily sold to world.

China will never shake hands with USA, one is hard core communist and another is democratic country. Historically India was friendlier with Russia than USA and it will continue to do. There is no reason for India to break the long relationship with Russia and support USA. Though during cold war India was neutral but Indians were more supportive for Russia.

For USA, setting a power base in Asia looks tough. USA has to find another friend, India is not weak country. USA have to develop a weak country and then setup a base there.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

USA cannot see any other country occupying the first spot. USA cannot see the peace in world, the day world becomes a better place to live, wars will end.

End of wars means no revenue from weapons to USA inc. At any cost USA wants the world to keep fighting, India could be a stretagic partner for USA in Asia.

But, India unlike Pakistan is strong and a self dependent country. Its not going to be easy for USA to take India on a ride.

Indian secrete service agencies are not interested in joining hands with CIA or any other agencies to make any trouble.

Unlike Pakistan India is not governed by Army and army does not interfer in civil administration. There are no chances of government destabilization in India. China on other hand is becoming more powerful, increase in China's strenght is not a concern for India.

What bothers India is the flushing of low quality good in India by China. The goods sold by china are not only dangerous for health but also for economy of India.

On pricing prospective, Lower middle class cannot afford goods from USA. Economical influance of USA is in higher classes, whereas lower classes in India supports the economical strenghth of China.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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