Frustration, negativity, tension all these have part and parcel of our life in this competitive world. Here are few tips i read , experienced in brief

1. Are you happy with your current job functions , is it suffocating you - then better take a longterm decision in life of changing the job to the one which makes you happy rather than that job which pays you high package. Remember. Money cant buy everything

2. Dont compare yourself with others, have some tolerance and mingle with new people eventhough their frequency may not match yours.

3. Future & Past are two useless things for our life. Try to live in the present and accept the reality and remain focused on your current targets. Ofcourse, dont forget lessons you learnt from past at the same time dont waste your time excessive concerns about yur future.

4. Choose your friends circle wisely because that has a lot of impact on your outlook of life

5. Connect with the natural world - Do some yoga, exercises, try to appreciate the nature. Try to stayaway from electronic gadgets. Facebook, youtube, gaming wont heal you as much as nature does

 6. Learn to thank god for what he has given to you because there are millions who cant even afford a food for one time. Try do some kind of blood donation, charity to orphans, poor within your limits. There blessings, wishes will be with you.

7. Never hold up your emotions, talk with your close friend and share it with them. It will relieve you.

8. Become a child again and your creative levels will increase. You will start enjoying small things and things get to become more interesting

9. Maintain healthy relations with family members and dont be rude on them just because they dont mind. Be inspired. 

10.Last but most important is HONESTY & INTEGRITY. Even if you are about to lose, never give up on these values. If we adopt malpractices and cheat others, the same will return back to us one fine day.

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

Very good tips. Its very important to balance life whether professional or not.

Thanks for writing such great tips.

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Very practical tips that one should follow to reduce frustration we have in our professional life.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by Prakash mehta

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