Hi, i stay in Bangalore. Bangalore is the worst city I believe for taking a room on rent. Here the room advance is too much.

The minimum security deposit for renting a home here in Bangalore is 1o times the monthly rent. It is very difficult to arrange that money for someone coming here on job or for any other work. I have not seen such practice in Jaipur or Delhi.

The worst part is you never get back your full deposit. Owners deduct painting expenses from you deposit and pay a small amount.

Why these people deduct painting expenses from security deposit we give. Firstly they demand a huge security deposit, interest on that deposit itself can generate the enough money to paint the room. Secondly we are not paid interest on our security deposit. Even 10 times of rent is not healthy practice.

Security deposit as per me is taken so that person staying in home does not default in paying rent. Owners can throw the person out if he does not pay rent for 3 months. Which owner will wait for 10 months?

Rent of room itself should cover all expenses. If we stay in hotel, hotel manger does not ask for painting of room.

What you think, is it a healthy practice to ask such a huge rent deposit and then deducting various expenses while giving it back?

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Rahul Rai

I agree that deposit is too much. Deducting painting expenses is totally against civic ethics. Getting a room in Bangalore is very difficult due to high security deposit and trouble given by owner while paying it back.

No wonder if after sometime landlords in Bangalore ask to start construction cost too. For a person who has just started his career, managing expenses in Bangalore is too tough.

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Ram Sinha

The problem is that we cannot even afford a lawyer for such a small amount. But, if it was mentioned in agreement then owners can deduct the painting expenses.

But if it was not disclosed in rent agreement then he does not have any right to deduct the expenses.

If you want to take revenge here is a way:

  1. If you were paying rent with cheque then check whether owner disclosed the correct income in it returns.
  2. Even if you were paying in cash check it.
  3. However if you cant verify the income tax returns (its not possible), put a complaint to income tax department. Whatever income landlord has not disclosed you will get 10% of that and your name will be kept secrete.

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Prakash mehta

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