We all know how  all government agencies , departments are so non-co-operative with the customers. They will make you roam hundreds of times and waste our precious time. State Bank of India is no exception. I had a terrible experience interacting with the SBI officials in a local branch. I wanted to aply for a OD under SME sector. I personally met the branch manager and tried to ask for documents required for the same. No one clearly explained what was their requirement for giving OD facility inspite of asking again and again. All they gave me was an application form and asked to fill and again asked to meet next week. When i went next week , the branch manager was not available. Branch manger has asked to meet in next week.

Why this much of dragging ? Why should common man roam so much for getting a loan even with good credentials ? When you want to open a FD account these guys will literally beg and keep calling trying to convince. Why cant we expect the same courtesy while going for loans? Why cant all banks have a standard terms & conditions & time limits for loans procesing, and other advance related services?

Banking is the core support for a country's development. These guys should help enterprenuers to develop and inturn develop the nation. Government must make fast track processing for loans of small enterpreneurs. India can develop only when the Poorest of Poor develop themself.

Posted 6 years, 3 months ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

Some banks are really bad to deal with. SBI, specially a government owned bank has worst staff. They dont understand that though they work for government but their users are dealing in money.

SBI being the biggest bank of India is expected to have a superior quality instead they behave strange.

Even i have faced similar problems, in private banks customers get some respect but in SBI you cannot expect.

I believe even SBI should work as a private banks. Similar target and results should be expected by higher managers from clerk level staff. Managers in private banks are more professional compared to SBI.

Posted 6 years, 3 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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