One should have different companies in their portfolio. Investing a single company or in a single sector can be very bad practice. If a bad news hit a single company or industry it can ruin your portfolio.

One should select companies from different sectors/industry to invest.

Here is the list of top companies in Reality and infrastructure sector to invest:

DLF: DLF is the leading reality company in India. Though company faced some issues in recent times. High debts and Robert vadra news affected the performance of company in stock market. Almost all reality companies doubled in recent election rally except DLF. DLF is a underperformer in current market with market capital of around 35000 crore Rs, DLF is a good bet.

DLF is a good bet for long term with book value of 86 Rs, Company has high contingent liabilities in balance sheet and even debts are high but still the book value of each share is higher compared to other companies. Its a high risk, high return stock.

Unitech: Unitech is another good company but affected by 2G scam. Promoter of company was jailed for involvement in 2G scam. Unitech operates mainly in North India. Current market capital of Unitech is 6500 crore Rs.. Unitech is another high risk, high return company. Book value per share of unitech is Rs. 38, the current market value of per share is lower than book value.

HDIL: HDIL is leading reality company operating in Mumbai with a market capital of around 3700 crore Rs. HDIL has a book value of Rs. 243 per share. HDIL if selected based on book value is top choice to have in portfolio.

Indiabulls reality: Indiabulls is another top emerging company. Good projects in hand, company may provide better returns. It’s a high beta stock, generally all reality stocks are high beta. Company has a market capital of around 3300 crore Rs with a book value of Rs. 134 per share.

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd: IRB is leading infrastructure company in India with a market capital of Rs. 8000 crore. Book value per share is 47 Rs., lower than current market price per share.

Generally all reality and infra stocks are high beta stocks by nature. One can invest a small portion of portfolio in these companies. Reality companies if caught in Bull Run gives better returns than any other sector.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Stock Guru

The list covers the top companies in reality and infr sector. One can invest in these in hope of getting better results.

Truly said, Infra sector is very risky in nature. One should check the credibility of management in these companies before investing.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Ram Sinha

A very good list. My personal favourite are Indiabull real and HDIL. These 2 stocks are highly volatile and are good not only for investing for long term but also to trade.

One can select HDIL and IBreal for trading also. Playing in options is safe in these 2 stocks.

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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