Facebook is worlds biggest social networking site. Facebook is mainly used by people to share their status and photos with friends. But out in the world many smart people use facebook to market their business and earn.

You can use facebook as a marketing tool for your business. Here are the tips to use facebook as a marketing tool for your business.

  1. Fans: Your fans on facebook could be your potential buyers. Post indulging status and create a fan base. Whenever a new product or service is launched, announce it on your page. Your announcement will display on wall of your fans and you get a good courage for free.
  2. Page: Your facebook page will be your first impression to fb users. Make an attractive page and keep your audiance engaged.
  3. Posts: Dont post too much. Too much is too bad and it can even make your page look spammy. Post related status indirectly promoting your products. Dont overdo things, post only relevent and engaging posts.
  4. Gifts: To attract visitors to your site from your fb fan page, post some contest and link it to your site. Dont post fake contest as it can damage your goodwill among your fans.
  5. Facebook ads: If you have high revenue generating products, its adviced to advertise on facebook. Advertising on facebook is not much costly and you will be charge based on audiance you select. You can bid based on your budget and reach to most appropriate audiance.

Facebook is great if used wisely and can even damage your goodwill if not handled professionaly. If you cannot give enough time to your fb fan page, its adviced that you hire some professional to do this job.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by SEO Guru

Facebook can be your good friend to promote the business. Other than above tips we can also join some groups where people exchange services. We can build a good reputation there and market our products.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by Rahul Rai

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