About Tikshare

TIKshare is all about you and your Talent, Information and Knowledge. Share your knowledge, promote your business or services in classifieds.

TIKshare was launched to spread the information and knowledge. Internet being the cheapest medium to access the information motivated us to develop a platform where startups, entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners can ask or discuss any doubts they face while running the business.

TIKshare is not limited to business, even the students and others can discuss the topics which they find interesting and need improvement.

We see TIKshare as a place where information is changed to knowledge. We aim to bring the best solutions to doubts and confusions.

In a world where information can be manipulated, we aim to discuss it and analyze it.

TIKshare classifieds aims at providing a spam free zone to advertisers.

TIKShare is all about Sharing Talent, Information and Knowledge.