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LVO 75 in Peenya Bangalore Address

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Posted on 2014-04-28

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    1st Floor, KAIDB Bldg., 14 th Cross Peenya, Bangalore, KARNATAKA, Pin - 560058

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LVO 75, Vat office 75 in Peenya handles the vat dealers. VAT Registration, PT Registration, CST etc, are done here.

LVO 75 in Peenya Bangalore Address Vat office in Peenya vat office

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Anonymous 2014-12-05

One of the worst vat department in Bangalore. Avoid this, highly corrupted people here. They act as illiterates, similar to chief minister of Karnataka.

Anonymous 2015-02-26

ALL RATES FIXED HEAR For new registration 1.for ACCT Rs 1000 2.For inspection 1000 3.For case worker 1000 and others for seal etc If your not paying your registration will take 2 months

Anonymous 2015-04-29


Anonymous 2015-07-03

Peenya Lvo is the worst Lvo By Jayaramu