LVO 25 in Bangalore Address

Vanijya Therige Karyalaya -2, A Block, 2nd Floor

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Posted on April 14, 2014, 7:58 a.m.

vat office in koramangala. The local vat office does the administration of local vat dealers.

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7 Reviews
By Anonymous1.0 Basavaraju Arun and Prakash all are very highly corrupted lofars
By Anonymous1.0 Not ony this 2. All the case workers are loffars only. they are like bakasura family
By Anonymous1.0 basavaraju nidhe rama always sleeping in lvo 40
By Anonymous1.0 pls send me the lvo 25 phone number
By Anonymous1.0 real waste people
By Anonymous1.0 Why they dont response properly , why do they not receive calls
By Anonymous2.0 Call not receiving & not responsing properly