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Salaman Khan gives away unlucky girls Prakash mehta 2 Replies 2015-12-14
Career of Kareena Kapoor is done? Rahul Rai 0 Replies 2015-04-08
Deepika-Alia or Sonakshi Sinha-Who will rule the bollywood for next 10 years? Rahul Rai 0 Replies 2015-04-08
Evergreen Bollywood Hindi songs Rahul Rai 0 Replies 2015-04-05
Which is your favorite Anurag Kashyap Movie? Prakash mehta 4 Replies 2015-03-31
Worst films that changed the bollywood Rahul Rai 3 Replies 2015-02-24
YAM HAI HUM Lovesh Nayak 3 Replies 2015-02-18
Death of Amitabh Bachchan-How YOU will react? Prakash mehta 8 Replies 2015-01-29
Happy Birthday Salaman Khan-Get well soon Prithvi Kumar 1 Replies 2014-12-27
Bigg Boss 8 Diandra Soares pregnant Prakash mehta 3 Replies 2014-12-13
Do you think Crackers mandatory for diwali Ganesh babu k 1 Replies 2014-10-22
Bigg Boss season 8 contestants list who are participating News Reporter 3 Replies 2014-09-20
Trend of Bollywood movies Vedanta Deshika 1 Replies 2014-07-24
Who is the greatest film director ever lived in India? Rahul Rai 2 Replies 2014-03-25
Which are the top 5 movies of South Indian Super star Kamal Hassan? Bada Mouth 2 Replies 2014-03-25
Satyameva Jayatey starts again Mukesh Jain CA 0 Replies 2014-03-01
Answer This with solid reason SANJAY KUMAR GANNA 1 Replies 2014-02-11
Guess the word SANJAY KUMAR GANNA 3 Replies 2014-01-20
Honey Singh-A successful pe*ve*t? Kishlay Singh 0 Replies 2014-01-15
Dhoom 3 may cross 400 crore-mark soon Vedanta Deshika 1 Replies 2013-12-30
Jai Ho-the Salaman Khan starer much awaited film to release in 2014 News Reporter 0 Replies 2013-12-13
Biggest hit and highest earning Bollywood Films in 2013 Rahul Rai 0 Replies 2013-11-30
2 TV programmes that made a channel superhit overnight Bada Mouth 1 Replies 2013-11-30
Sunil Grover-Guthi left Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma Bada Mouth 2 Replies 2013-11-12