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Executive Sanjay Kapoor 2 Replies 2015-01-21
Salary calculation in excel and allowances explained to reduce the impact of tax on total salary CA Pulkit Sharma 3 Replies 2014-09-28
Training opportunity from Infosys for 2014 passouts Tikshare Jobs 0 Replies 2014-08-24
Opportunity for BE, B.Tech, ME, M.tech, MCA - 2014 Passouts Tikshare Jobs 1 Replies 2014-07-30
Human Resource (HR) department Audit checklist CA Pulkit Sharma 2 Replies 2014-07-24
Labour Records, Forms to be filled Vedanta Deshika 1 Replies 2014-07-08
PF ceiling to be decreased from 20 to 10 employees as per recommendation to labour ministory CA Pulkit Sharma 1 Replies 2014-06-26
ESI AND PF ON CONTRACT LABOUR Kamaldeep Singh 3 Replies 2014-05-20
Employers Liability Act-1938, The most ignored act by the employees CA Pulkit Sharma 0 Replies 2014-05-06
Payroll processing and HR management in Excel file for free CA Pulkit Sharma 8 Replies 2014-05-06
Whether PF is applicable to employees of all branches or only head office? Rahul Rai 2 Replies 2014-04-06
Most riskiest labour jobs in India CA Pulkit Sharma 1 Replies 2014-02-01
Salary Fixation criterias in private Companies Prakash mehta 1 Replies 2014-02-01
TCS Off Campus For Freshers 2014_2013_2012 Pass Outs Tikshare Jobs 0 Replies 2013-12-27
Opening for Japanese Translators & Interpreters Tikshare Jobs 0 Replies 2013-12-24
List of holidays in 2014 Babulal Shiradana 0 Replies 2013-12-23
List of Holidays for Corporate offices in 2014 for Karnataka Babulal Shiradana 1 Replies 2013-12-19
Off-Campus drive by L&T Infotech for 2013 pass-out Freshers Babulal Shiradana 0 Replies 2013-11-12
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Salary Breakup in Excel, just put the CTC CA Pulkit Sharma 6 Replies 2013-08-09
Salary calculating, recording, processing in excel Template CA Pulkit Sharma 6 Replies 2013-08-05