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Title Author Stats Date
TDS paid wrongly FY 2007-08 CA Abhishek Saini 2 Replies 2016-12-30
VAT Query Arun Poojary 1 Replies 2016-12-20
TDS paid in wrong section Ajay Gandhi 1 Replies 2016-12-20
VAT Registration and Service tax registration of Sub Contractor Manju MJ 2 Replies 2016-12-19
TDS notice received against interest for late payment Kalyan Walture 3 Replies 2016-11-24
Interest On Late Payment Kalyan Walture 1 Replies 2016-11-22
publication of spiritual books and marketting Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar 1 Replies 2016-11-17
Service Tax is on accrual basis or on cash realisation basis chandu varma 0 Replies 2016-11-08
Doubt regarding filing itr in case of salary income Anil Patra 2 Replies 2016-11-05
CONFUSION IN NEW 15G or H UIN PROCEDURE Kamaldeep Singh 0 Replies 2016-10-26
Professional tax in karnataka Dinesha B J 1 Replies 2016-10-17
Whether perquisite tax applicable on purchase of company owened car? Vikram Pawar 1 Replies 2016-10-09
regarding sales with out tin and vat Maksudh Mohamed 1 Replies 2016-10-05
WHat can be the Partners remuneration for a firm with net profit of Rs. 2,80,000 Vridhi Consultancy Services 1 Replies 2016-09-13
TDS NATURE OF PAYMENT CODE modem kumar 1 Replies 2016-08-30
VAT NEW Manikandan . 2 Replies 2016-08-16
AUDIT jyoti harish 2 Replies 2016-08-11
VAT Returns - Karnataka Arun Poojary 4 Replies 2016-08-03
interest under sec 234 S.M Navale 3 Replies 2016-07-22
Income from online affiliation work and revenue sharing arrangements. CA Rohan Jain 1 Replies 2016-07-14
applicability of section 40A(3) and 194 i of Income tax act Ankit Sharma 0 Replies 2016-07-12
LLP Surrender AMARNATH M 1 Replies 2016-06-30
Service Tax CA Manish Dalmia 10 Replies 2016-06-29
Professional Tax CA Manish Dalmia 3 Replies 2016-06-22
Need to Get TIN, Challan is paid but not Yet Received the TIN number, Karnataka VAT Sarvesh Kumar 2 Replies 2016-06-15
How to change the proprietorship address Neelima Vobugari 3 Replies 2016-05-31
GIFT TO HUF CA Tanay Jindal 1 Replies 2016-05-19
Tax Practitioner AMARNATH M 0 Replies 2016-05-18
TIN Registration AMARNATH M 0 Replies 2016-05-14