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Wrong Status in Pan

Kamaldeep Singh



The query m asking is very wierd. A person approached me for itr filing. He works as a proprietor. His PAN is showing partnership firm status. I dont know how come the PAN be made of a partnership firm status when there are no partners and not even a deed exists. A copy of deed is compulsory for Pan application in partnership firm case. I dont know how this application was given and even accepted by department and Pan provided. Moreover, a great professional even filed return with such wrong PAN in itr4s for ay 13-14. The person has been deducted with good amount of tds u/s 194c on the PAN. How can this be rectified now? Could the status be changed through correction application. How could the return be filed now as no partnership firm has ever existed? I don't believe in filing return with wrong details to get refund as someone suggested as in tht case the assesse himself would accept that it's a partneship firm and would have to bear huge taxes at 30% rate for somebody else's fault.

Kindly guide.


CA Kamaldeep Singh

CA Pulkit Sharma


As per me the first thing to do is to get the correct pan. I never tried, but can we file the itr as an individual with pan of a firm? If it can be done then file the return with the same pan and get the refund.

In case any enquiry comes you can always explain the matter to officer. Its just the pan that's wrong and it does not mean that because of wrong pan the status of assessee changed.

Once return is filed get the correct pan by surrendering the firm pan.


Kamaldeep Singh


The return has been filed manually by an advocate. He has used itr4s. Even I am amazed. No such return is acceptable at counter of the department. You can't file it online for sure as I tried it. I dont know how has this been done.