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India getting ready for state elections

Rahul Rai


India is getting ready for big elections coming in this year end. The big states to have elections are Rajasthan, Madhya pradesh and Chattisgarh.

BJP is sure of retaining its government in MP and chattsigarh, and also is sure of snatching the power from congress in Rajasthan.

More than State elections, it looks like a semi final between Modi and Congress(Rahul Gandhi) for 2014 general elections.

Other major state that will see election is Delhi, currently Shila Dixit is holding the seat and is a strong candidate for next time too. However the competition will be tough in Delhi. Both national parties will be fighting neck to neck. And Aam Adami Party of Arvind Kejriwal can play a major role in deciding the winning factor.

Babulal Shiradana


These upcoming elections will be a indicator for the next "govt in Power", as these 4 states have the only 2 palyers BJP & Congress. lets wait and watch !!!


CA Pulkit Sharma


In Rajasthan BJP looks in strong position. Madhya- Pradesh as usual Shiv Raj singh chouhan is strong and again chances are weak for congress.


The state to look is Delhi. Due to AAP, the elections look intresting. This election will decide the future of AAP and Kejriwal.