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Tajmahal was a Shiva Temple

Prakash mehta


We all know that many temples and hindu places were destroyed by Mugals. Ram temple in Ayodhya was destroyed and mosque was built in place of temple.

Is there any possibility that even TajMahal was built after destroying the statues in building? If we have a look at various researchers, we cannot deny that Tajmahal holds a big secrete.

Bada Mouth


Yes, Tajmahal was a Shiva temple and one cannot deny it after looking at the history of India. Mughals were the biggest tragedy that happened to India.

One can refer to work of P.N. Oak and understand his theory that proves Tajmahal was an ancient Hindu temple.

Muslims dont use words such as Mahal. Mahal means a royal place and how a tomb can be called as Mahal.

Tajmahal is neither a peace of love. The who is credited for building Tajmahal married the sister of his wife soon after her death.

Even a room is closed for public and government verification, this room should be opened and secretes should be disclosed.