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Big oppurtunity for Content writers to win prizes and earn money

Prakash mehta


Finally Tikshare has launched a contest to reward the users who shares maximum knowledge with others. Tikshare presents you a chance to win lot of prizes and handful of cash prizes.

Terms and conditions of contest are very simple and are made using only commonsense.

Writers can win lot of prizes by participating in contest.

The best policies writers can use to win prizes are:

  1. Start a discussion everyday.
  2. Participate in the discussion, participation earns more points and thereby ranking you higher in top users list.
  3. Write engaging content.

Share your discussions on social media to generate views and more people to participate in your discussion. Once more people participate in discussion, your ranking will automatically go high and you will be selected even for Annual Awards.

Best of luck!!!



Thank you for the Information.

We should take part and make Active discussion and attracts other friends to discuss and get solution of their normal problems.

 I feel every one should share something or otherthing as sharing it may not earn you but it will definately learn you back.



Prakash mehta


Perfectly said. We should invite our friends to discuss and share knowledge. It will not help others but improve our written communication skills.