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Free Classifieds no more a favourite search

CA Pulkit Sharma


Free Classifieds used be a tempting word for marketing the business or services but it seems now the fancy has gone away.

The Google trend shows it:

Decrease in search trends

People are searching very less for the keywords such as Free Classifieds.

Even for the keyword free ads, search decreased compared to last decade.

Decrease in search trends

What we can make out from this is that now brands are established and people instead of googling directly go to the famous websites and post their advertisements.

Traffic is not much decreased, infact countries such as India are seing a serge in Classifieds market and many websites are fighting to capture the top position.

However it seems people dont search on google but are aware of the classifieds websites and directly going to the sites for posting ads.

Stock Guru


Yes, rightly said. People are aware of the brands now and instead of searching they directly go to the websites.

For example search for Quikr has serged since last decade and is on increasing trend.

Heavy advertising on online media is also one of the reason, also people have already put the ads on classifieds websites and now they list their business whenever a new site emerges.