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Can we use 'Swachh Bharat mission' and 'Make in India' tag lines to promote a product ?

Babulal Shiradana




I am in process of designing a product catalog for a plastic manufacturing company, i wanted to undestand if i can use the words "Swachh Bharat Mission" and "Make in India" to tag lines in the product catalog ?

what are the terms and conditions for the usage of these words ?

As this company X is building machines which manufactures in India so can it claim to have helped the "Make in India" tag and the product directly recycles the plastic waste that we use in our day to day activities so it also helping the "Swachh Bharat mission".

CA Pulkit Sharma


As a social responsibility we can use these words in our press release. Many companies such that ICICI Bank and others are doing it.

Many companies are even contributing towards it by constructing toilets etc. You can use Swachh Bharat and Make in India in your products promotion but logo are of GOI. I doubt you can use the logos.

You can use these schemes in prmoting your products but i doubt on use of logo on your products.

Need a little more research will update you on this after discussion with knowledgeable people.




you can promote by using the mission but logo shall not be used as it is of Govt. of India logo and registered.


Babulal Shiradana


Thanks all :)


emlie smith


Thanks for information.....

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