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Asaduddin Owaisi is a balck mark on Indian Muslims

Md. Jamal


His highness, the greatest of greatest Asaduddin Owaisi speaks wonderful words. Every word coming out of his mind is the real education even Quran could not give.

He was sent on earth by Allah to complete that his hollyness Prophat missed. He is the ultimate hero of Muslims. He is one who cannot be questioned and is given all rights to speak whatever he wants to.

The great leader presents himself as saviour of Indian Muslims. He is the one who thinks that Muslims are safe if they vote for his party. He is very clear, either you vote for his party or you are not a Muslim. Remeber his speech against Salaman Kahn?

He has got al rights to decide who is a true Muslim. He will decide whom you should vote, he will decide whom you should chose to lead.

I cannot write more about him, just watch his few youtube videos and you will have an idea of his greatness.

Some people say that he is only for votes and power. He does not care about real Muslims, he cares about votes and nothing else.

But I disagree, How can you question his greatness. You can question his greatness only if either you are not a Muslim or you lost your brains.

Some people who read Quran everyday also have different opinions on him. It can happen as he is writing his own books.

He is the modern messenger of God. He is the ultimate and no more births of messengers after him.

But, like other great people even he has problem. His problem  is less hype by media and not able to beat Modi in TRP. I can understand this problem, but this is what keeps him motivated.

Prakash mehta


I have no understanding on what basis people vote to people like him. He is such a great waste product of humanity.

He deserves punishment instead of praise by those people who are voting for him.