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Cyclone Phailin- Danger at orrisa, AP

Mukesh Jain CA


Cyclone at Orrisa, AP & thousands of people have been shifted from coastal place to  the safe place. Let us prey for safety & peace.

News Reporter


Phailin's effects are likely to be widespread, inundating not only large parts of northern Odisha, but also causing rainfall in JharkhandChhattisgarh and east Madhya Pradesh. The rains are likely to be heavy and continuous.

Foreign agencies claimed Indian authorities are underestimating Phailin, quoting London-based Tropical Storm and US Navy's joint typhoon warning centre as forecasting winds up to 315 kmph. Indian agencies, however, said wind speeds are much lower


Nearly 3 lakh people fled their homes in coastal areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh on Friday as a massive cyclone - so large it filled nearly the entire Bay of Bengal - gathered strength and headed towards eastern coast, while army mobilised to assist in evacuation and rescue efforts