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Worst states of India

Prakash mehta


We always discuss good about India. Lets discuss what is bad.

Which are the worst states in India?

My list for worst states in India is:

  1. Kerala: Communist state and high politics. Very violent during elections and no logics.
  2. West Bengal: Same reasons as Kerala.
  3. Bihar: Do i need to give any reason.
  4. Utter Pradesh: Another Bihar
  5. Delhi: People voted AAP for free stuffs.
  6. Maharashtra: Mafias and corruption
  7. Jharakhand: Very rich with natural resources still one of backward states of India.
  8. Orissa: Very poor and not doing anything about it.

Rahul Rai


I really agree with your list of worst states. The list you provided is exactly what I thought of. Kerala, Bihar, UP, Jharakhand etc. are worst states of India.