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Worst films that changed the bollywood

Rahul Rai


Which are the worst films you think bollywood has ever produced and resulted in downgrading of bollywood film industry?

The films should be one which became big hits. My list is:

  1. Dabangg: The movie was without any story line and full of non-practical fighting scenes and nonsense dialogues. The film crossed 100 crore mark and became one of the biggest hit of the year.
  2. Wanted: Another film by Salaman Khan, the film was copy of south Indian film and was a big hit. The movie started a culture of copying south Indian movies.
  3. Murder: The movie was a hit and started a culture where every movie had adult scenes. No stories only actresses showing their body parts.
  4. Aashiquee: Film released in 1992 and was a very big hit. Movie resulted in a culture of moview having good songs and no story.

Prakash mehta


I think we should discuss good films instead of bad films. Bollywood has produced more bad films than good films.

On an average I find that 99% of the films are either without story or are copied from some other industry.


Rahul Rai


There are bad and then there are worst. Even worst films require a mention. Though most of the films are bad but we need to categorise worst films too to aware the movie goers.




According to me Worst movis are-

1) Gangs of Ghost

2) Humshakal

3) Galiyo ki Raas lila

4) Daawte ishq

5) Kick