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EPF Registration in Karnataka - Documents and Procedures

Vedanta Deshika


Documents required for EPF Registration :-

  • Copy of PAN Certificate Issued by Income Tax Department,
  • Copy of Rental agreement of the business premises and Electricity bill,
  • Copy of First Sales invoice
  • Copy of Service Tax & Vat registration Certificate,
  • Copy of Shops and establishment Certificate,
  • Copy of Bank Statement,
  • Copy of Identity proof and address proof of proprietor
  • Salary Statement & Attendance register from the date of setup to till date,

In Case any contract employees like – Security, Housekeeping etc., agreement copy and PF and ESI paid challan along with employee ESI and PF code

Fill the form 5A in duplicate and submit to commisioner.

Rahul Rai


Hi Vedanta,

Thank you for your good piece of information. I have some question on PF.

  1. When one should get registration?
  2. Should all companies be registered for PF?
  3. What are the legal requirements after registration?




Is there any clause for the Temporary employees and Permanent employees