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Mobile phones destroyed the market of many products

Rahul Rai


Mobile phone is a must have device. Life without mobile phones cannot be imagined today. But, back in 90's or earlier when mobile was not availalble, life was different.

Here are some products which are loosing market and became irrevelant due to mobile phones.


No one buys a camera nowdays except professionals. We have seen Kodak any many great companies going bankcorrupt due to slow down or non existance of demands.

Wrist watches

I dont think we are buying watches any more just for time checking. Mobiles are first preference when it comes to checking time or putting an alarm.

Calenders and Meeting scheduling

Mobile phones are first preference to schedule a meeting or call. Contact dieries are a product of past.





Yes Rahul I want to add some items in your list:

1) Tourch

2) Transistor

3) CD/DVD Players ( Mostly in Villages)