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Doctors are no more professional but money making machines

Prakash mehta


Doctors are god on earth, they save life. Being a doctor is second most respectable profession after Teaching. But over the years doctors have become only a money making machine.

Doctors cheat people, they scare people with some unheard names. Doctors prescribe unwanted medicine and costly medicines.

Doctors work on commission basis, the more they sell more commission they get. Medical profession is now no more respected. We need doctors, we believe doctors but they cheat us everytime.

Prescribing costly medicines is a big problem in India. On an average the disease which can be cured with 50 Rs. cost 5000 today and it is all due to greedness of doctors.

Doctors must respect their job. They can make money from consultancy fees and people will not bother paying you, but prescribing unwanted and costly medicines is not a way to earn more and more money.

Rahul Rai


First thing, i agree to your points. You are 100% correct while citing that Medical profession is losing its value. I will say it already lost its value.

Before we discuss it further first let us read some reviews on doctors posted on Mouthshut:

What r the reasons / precautions to be taken before admitting to this hospital:

1) negotiate pricing well before
2) u should carry money, no CC, if CC they charge 2-3% extra.
3) prepare for operation, even u  are perfectly alright.
4) waiting time is more, but it is same every where.
5) u must know Kannada

Go through a elaborate review given by some one on this. Though hospitals are exempted for surcharge, these rogues take CC surcharge! Hospital is so caring and doesn't wish their patient to face pains, so they help and finish operation nicely but the stitches done was perfect.

This review is related to one of the known hospital. Below is another review about the same doctor and same hospital.

Dr Vidya Bhat, is the worst doctor I have ever seen. I had irregular periods so I visited Vidya Bhat.. She prescribed me Yasmin tablets without doing any test. She also advised me that it is one of the safe tablets without having any side effects. I took Yasmin for six months.

Later I had my blood tests done in Canada from which I came to know that I have high cholesterol and my doctor also told me that its because of the Yasmin tablet. I regretted for taking the tablet. So pls stay away from this doctor and hospital.

These both reviews shows the greed in doctors. Doctors have become more and more greedy, they are not at all concerned about well being of society but about the money they earn.

Selling high priced medicine is priority for them and not selling the right medicine. If you observe, hospitals having inhouse medicines sell only high cost medicines. I will advice that whenever a doctors in hospital prescribes a medicine buy it from outside medical store and not from medical store of hospital.


Prakash mehta


Very well pointed out by you. Doctors are more into making money. They have to understand their practice. People never save for emergency or medical services.

Poor people die because they are never able to go to these doctors seating in AC cabins, though the consultancy fees is low but medicine they prescribe is breath taking.

Another question that should be asked is "Why medicine prices are so high, being healthy is basic right of every human. Should government interfer and regualte the prices of medicines?"