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Sec 66A of IT Act scrapped - Freedom of Expression restored

Rakesh Bharadwaj


Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down Sec 66A of IT Act which was imprisoning a person for upto 3 years for posting any offensive , annoying or inconvenient materials on social networking sites. Hence, the freedom of speech enshrined in constitution has been restored. However 69A which allows government to block websites which can affect the sovereignty and integrity of country, defense, security etc has been upheld valid. Supreme Court said that liberty of thought and expression is a cardinal value and of significant importance. What may be offensive to one may not be offensive to another. Something which causes inconvenience to one may not cause the same to others.   However , Law enforcement agencies could still invoke IPC provisions relating to morality , decency, inciting communal hatred and promoting enemity. All credits to Shreya Singhal , an would be lawyer for filing petition against 66A back in Nov 2012. 

CA Pulkit Sharma


The constitution of India provides some rights which every citizen should enjoy and section 66A was highly against the basic right of free speech.

The decision by supreme court is a landmark decision and should be appreciated. Law makers must avoid confusing words in law and by any chance should not make laws which are against rights prescribed or given by constitution of India.




I agree with all, but most of the people will misuse of this judgement. Before few days a Govt officer uploaded porn pics in a group of many officers belonging to various good posts.