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E-Commerce, the next big thing!

Ajith Kumar


Will E-commorece rule the future?

CA Pulkit Sharma


Its the time for E-commerce boom. E-Commerce has already started its race in India. We have witnessed a high valuation of Flipkart and Sanpodeal, which are valued at par with international E-commetce companies.

E-commerce portals have already achieved a combined trunover of around $4 billion.

However, to see a further improvements, legal scenerio has to change. The laws have to be updated to accomodate the changes required to support the technological advancement in commercial activities. CST has to go and once GST is implemented, the golden period for E-Commerce will start.

One thing is sure the E-commerce will rule the future commercial activities. Almost all commodities and services will be available online. Ranging from Milk to Fridge, everything will be available online.


Prakash mehta


You are asking this question too late. The E-commerce is hot commercial activity in present too. You can see how the big portals such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are fighting to capture the market.

Future will be of E-Commerce but the market will be dominated by top 2-3 portals and others will die. Amazon may takeover Snapdeal and will compete with Flipkart.




In modern time every body is moving towards E-Commerce. It is because of various factors like time saving, we can compare price of thing on different sites and choose lowest price. Now days most of the people buy mobiles etc. online. So we can say in future   E-commerce will over rule.