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Input Vat carry forward limit for next F Y

Ashish Dhammurkar


Dear Experts,


Please resolve my following Querry:

1. Is there any input vat carry forwards limit for next Financial Year under karnataka Vat? 

2. Can i have to file seperate return for CST under karnataka VAT?

3. Now i am filing Monthly Vat Return but i have to file quarterly it is because my yearly turnover is less than 25 lac. So what would be the procedure for this? 


CA Pulkit Sharma


There is no input limit, you can carry forward you input credit.

VAT returns includes detials for CST trade too. You need to file same return.

You have to contact department, they will do it. But, since you are also doing CST trade you have to do monthly returns only.


Ashish Dhammurkar


Thank you sir for valuable reply.

I just want to know that, If i will go with Quarterly return then why the CST matter has come for monthly return? Can u please explain me this with brief information.