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Different Investment plans for 2014,new things to lookout

Rahul Rai


I was thinking of different ideas to make money in 2014.  Made a list of some of them, it may look funny but i am serious.

  1. Make a Facebook page, get it liked by many people and than sell the page to someone, it looks funny but people are making money out of it.
  2. Make a twitter account and do samething as per point1 and make money.
  3. Take some random videos, upload them on youtube and make money from views.
  4. Write a lot on tikshare and become famous and start demanding money from companies to promote their products here :)

Seriously we never think of these, but people are making money by doing all above things.

But serious Stock Market and other classical investment options should be considered but give a try to these no capital required businesses.

Who knows you may become a rock star on facebook and earn millions by updating the status of your page by promoting someones page!!!

daltonsalford Dhaka


The average rate of return is never guaranteed. Markets fluctuate. There are many different factors to return. Your risk tolerance is a large factor.

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